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Cape Cod Soap


We are a small online natural soap and skincare company located in the tiny village of Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Carefully selected ingredients coming from the most environmentally friendly, natural and organic producers throughout the country. Cape Cod Soap Company cocoa butter soaps and body butters are handmade and handcrafted using complete care and creativity while making products that soothes your skin while keeping it youthful and invigorated for all ages. With cocoa butter being a widely accepted anti wrinkle, and coconut oil being one of our most coveted beauty secrets, antibacterial, and naturally hydrating for the skin, my products are sure to please and impress. As cocoa butter and coconut oil is not derived from this geographic location, the benefits of these oils can now be enjoyed and coveted by you. Cape Cod Soap Company does not use any unnecessary additives in the Cocoa butter skin delights. 

We are very proud to reflect the sensibility of Cape Cod by keeping our products simple, natural and beneficial. 


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